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PG VG & NIC OH MY!DIY e-liquid
beginners guide

Bigger CloudsRebuildable atomisers and
mods beginners guide

I Want To Vape!Electronic cigarette and
vaping beginners guide

  • This is a fantastic book full of key information for people who want to begin vaping. Donald Blakely is a wonderful writer who covers pro, cons, and be carefuls. His friendly, to the point, concise writing style makes me feel as though he is right beside me as a guide, teacher, and mentor.

    Stephen Garvey - Read full review

  • Although I've been vaping for about 2 1/2 years, I still felt as though I had more to learn. So I purchased Donald Blakely's first 2 books in his 3 or 4 book series. I also purchased this first book with the idea of passing it along to any of my friends and family that want to start vaping. And I'm so glad I read it. It's a well written book that explains everything you need to know when first starting out, in the world of vaping. Mr. Blakely did a wonderful job!!! I'm so glad I purchased this book.

    Sherri L Whitlow - Read full review

  • All the info I was searching for, compiled neatly into one place. Definitely a beginners guide. I will be keeping it around for future reference. Thank you!

    MelissaB - Read full review

  • This is a great guide for anyone wanting to take that leap, quit smoking and start vaping. I wish I had it when I got started. Trying to sift through the blogs & forums was a trick that didn't always get me to the right place, I had lots of trial and error, but this guide will help anyone to lean the language of vaping & explaining things very well. It is well written and easy to follow! great job!

    Tony Pfau - Read full review

  • I thought that this book gave me a better understanding of what this Cloud Chasing really requires... I recommend this book!